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The windy city

Someone once told me, "You must Dream of good things, and you are sure to get them." Never once did I think that dreaming itself could be the catalyst to having your desires become reality. The things you want most but think are unfeasible is exactly the toxic mentality that stops you from achieving your true goals.

Which is why my story begins a little late. After graduating from college and working for ten years, I finally decided to head back to school and finish my degree in Art History, my true passion. It was a trip across the world to Pakistan and Dubai back in 2014 that gave me the push I needed to go back and pursue something I was passionate about. It wasn't that I had never travelled before, it was the fact that I travelled internationally by myself and in doing so, I asserted my independence. What seemed impossible to me was now conceivable. With my new found confidence in myself, I was eager and willing to set up a life for myself where I could wake up everyday and say, "I get to do what I love."

My year back at Wayne State University not only changed my view of the world, but also gave me the courage to pursue something even further in the Art field and apply to one of the most prestigious Art Schools in the nation.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago SAIC

After a rigorous application process and getting accepted, I moved to Chicago this summer to attend School of the Art Institute of Chicago for Master of Arts in Arts Administration and Policy! Now before you ask, "what do you do with that?"I want you to think about the last time you attended a museum exhibition, art fair, or anything that was art related. Most likely that event was organized by an art administrator. Art Administrators are leaders who think critically to cultivate art and culture in our everyday society. This program fits precisely into my personal goal of bringing art knowledge to the surface within our complex culture and society.

But before I get into exactly what it is I want to do with this degree, I want to take you on my journey of getting there. I'll be using this blog to share my love of art by writing about the projects I'm involved in, the artists I'm learning about, and revisiting some of my art history course work I found most fascinating. Not only will I be sharing my passion of art, I'll also be sharing the Chicago I'll discover outside of school with a dash of lifestyle posts. After all, Art is life and life is art!

art institute of chicago

The best part about attending SAIC is that I'll be in the heart of the city on Michigan Ave right across from the Art Institute of Chicago. I'll be surrounded by some of the most famous artworks in the world and with access to museum catalogs, I'm excited to learn and discover more. At last, in my true element, I get to fulfill my dreams and watch them become a reality. I'm a dreamer living out her wildest dream. Ready, Set, Let's ChicaGO!

I'll leave you with this beautiful poem,

Energetic Work

If you want the pearl, leave the inland desert,

and wander by the sea.

Even if you don't find it,

at least you've been

near the water.

Be a warrior! Desire something

powerfully! Saddle your horse

and get ready for the quest.

Don't accept a crown

made of this visible sky.

Wait for what Gabriel brings.

Be energetic in the work

that takes you to God!

The weak and the sickly only think

about surrender. Lie down before

the door you long to go through.

Open your loving completely.

Only a dog sits idly

licking a bone.

Sanai | Persian Poets

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