Love Hate

Love Hate Taj Parvez

As I got ready for orientation today and made my way to the train station to head downtown to SAIC, I couldn't help but to contemplate my future in the MAAAP program with some hesitation. I was sure that there will be times when I will LOVE the challenges and fulfillment this program will bring. And I also knew that there will be times when I will HATE the hurdles and long nights I'll have to endure. But despite being unsure about how to feel about my unwritten future, I knew one thing was certain, and that was knowing that the feeling of both Love and Hate was a blessing. Because for me, there is no fine line between Love and Hate and it is here, in that "in-between" and vague place that you fight to make sense of the contradiction between these two qualities. It is here, only in that engagement with your battle that you feel the most powerful sensational feeling of PASSION.

Love Hate by Parvez Taj is one of those paintings that spoke to me on a multitude of levels. I purchased this art work a couple years ago and only now did I get to hang it up. Every morning when I wake up, I'm taken back by its cryptic meaning and how I can never fully put into words how it makes me feel. Taj is a Canadian-born artist who works with a diverse range of materials bringing his photographs and graphics to life on surfaces such as wood and aluminum. He too believes there is no fine line between love and hate and that there is nothing more powerful than passion. Here he has depicted a water gun blowing out heart bubbles in water.

I've had endless conversations with people about the message of this painting and what their perception towards it is. With any love hate relationship comes the worst pain and the most unthinkable happiness. Yet we keep craving those feelings simultaneously not knowing why. One could say it's all a game because a toy gun softly blows out bubbles that last momentarily and then vanish. We'll do anything to feel that moment, even if we hate how it may hurt when its over. We hate that fact that we're capable of loving something so deeply.

What I see when I look at Love Hate is fueled emotions. Fueled emotions ignite passion. And passion can be addicting! It is that addiction and madness for doing what I love that may even make me hate my passion at times, but it will always keeps me craving more.

Parvez Taj, however, leaves his masterpiece with a simple message and life lesson, "Don't love hate, and don't hate love."

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