A Room Without Walls

Last semester I had the opportunity to interview Carrie Spitler, the executive director of Snow City Arts, a non-profit organization in Chicago that provides art classes ranging from visual arts, theatre, music, media arts, and creative writing for children who have been hospitalized. Carrie (we are on a first name basis now!) gave me an in-depth description about what the snow city arts network map looks like and how this partnership with hospitals such as Rush University Children's Hospital operates.

I created this network map as part of my Management project and it illustrates SCA's partnerships with all stakeholders. It was honestly one of the best learning opportunities for me since my interests lie in art programs in healthcare. SCA also just celebrated their 20th anniversary and Carrie invited me to the reception opening of their exhibition at the Arts Incubator called, A Room Without Walls, a collective installment of the visual arts created by SCA students in the past 20 years. Their first student, Miguel Sandoval, received special recognition for his work, and the whole event was truly impressive. I've been doing much research on the symbiotic relationship of art and medicine and the role art plays in healing, dealing with trauma, and engaging people spiritually and physically. Even though I don't have as much time to write about it on here as I wish I did, this ongoing endeavor is a big part of my future thesis work. So look forward to my findings!

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