The main theme this semester heavily dealt with narratives and the art of storytelling. Whether it is through images, words, or even numbers, I learned that narratives can be crucial in communicating an idea, a project, or a personal story. From my Comic Narratives class where I learned to combine text with images, to Management II that taught me how to tell a story in numbers, and Art History Better Homes & Gardens that has given me a new found appreciation for Outsider art and artists who use everyday materials to visually showcase their stories. Stories are how we relate to people by sympathizing with them and relate accounts back to our own experiences. The works of two artists I recently saw on exhibition that narrate stories are Mounira Al Solh: I Strongly Believe in Our Right to be Frivolous at the Art Institute of Chicago, and Phillip Carey: Art in my Veins and INTUIT. See for yourself how each artist narrates stories of pain, agony, loss, and eventually hope.

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