Summer Goals in Full Force

This summer I'll be interning at the Field Foundation of Illinois as a Communications Fellow! I started the position right after the semester ended and so far I'm really enjoying being here. The staff is great and Angelique Power is probably one of the best bosses I've had. I'm learning a great deal about the Philanthropic world from her and what it takes to change people's perceptions of it. The Field has been dedicated to implementing positive change as it rethinks philanthropy and its role in giving.

I'll be handling all social media accounts for the Field Foundation and working on other projects as well. I'm tapping into my Marketing skills and also learning about how to conduct site visits with potential grantees. I'm really excited and look forward to making the most of this experience. It's also a great way to meet new people in the art administration field and make connections. Every morning when I get off the brown line, and walk past the Willis Tower to my building, I think to myself, How is this my life?! How did I get here?!

It reminds to be thankful for every single blessing and know that risk taking is what got me here. Plus, the view from the 38th floor is surreal! I can't believe that less than a year ago I was in Michigan planning my move to Chicago, not knowing where my chosen path would take me. But I'm definitely enjoying the ride!

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