This Year

January 1, 2019


Wow, what a year! It started off on the fast track and didn't really slowdown until now. As I'm enjoying being on break, I made sure to take a mental break as well. I've accomplished so much this year and overcame so many of my personal challenges. I have an amazing fellowship that allowed me to go on site visits and see the heroic work people in Chicago are doing. I presented at  the AICAD conference, got the Graduate Advisory Panel position for my department, completed Fasting 5K and met some great people, earned my position as the CAA Ambassador, hosted the Docademia award ceremony, got my first bike in Chicago, presented my Khazana research, created the Arts Admin lounge exhibition Connectivity Through the Arts, spoke about my struggles and triumphs of wearing hijab on the Invisibly Visible Panel, my thesis project introduced me to new people and ideas, I presented my thesis at crit week in front of a panel, and now I'm ending the year with a $5000 grant to make my thesis project, Truck Art Meets Little Free Library, a reality!



This Year was full of challenges, successes, and proud moments, all achieved through hard work. But there were also some pitfalls, pain, and difficult times that got the best of me. My goal for 2019 is to find a healthy balance between life and work, find peace, and to finish thesis! I'm loving this journey, embarking on it was one of my best decisions! 



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