And Once Again, The Heart Searches

The chill and bitter winter cold has settled in. Despite its harsh encumbering on the body, the season gave me time to regroup and refocus my mental health. I spent my break reevaluating my game plan to conquer my last semester. Aside from working, I spent my time at home in Michigan and in my apartment in Chicago enjoying life’s simplest pleasures. The pleasure to lounge around with family, the pleasure of reading and making art for fun, and the pleasure of turning my mental power OFF. I realized that last year I was on the fast train to accomplish everything that I burnt myself out.

This year, I’m looking at 2019 with a whole new lens, starting with bullet journaling. This is a system that has helped me reform how I approach life and its daily tasks. It allows me to create my own formats and best of all, capture my daily thoughts, self-reflections, and special occasions through writing and drawing. I’m really enjoying the creative aspect of it all!

I found time to go to The Art Institute this break and spend time in quiet, fancy places. I worked a little bit on my thesis and made some progress on the construction side of it. It’s been a relaxing break and I’m looking forward to my first day of my last semester tomorrow! It all really does flies by, just like my mom said it would on the day I moved to Chicago back in August 2017. The cold winter season is always around the corner and once again, the heart searches for those days of leisure.

Dawoud Bey: Night Coming Tenderly, Black

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