Imagine, the colorful floral patterns against a foreign landscape.

The vibrant designs now celebrated by the masses.

Envision seeing yourself in the juxtaposition.

This post is dedicated to examples of Truck Art around the world and celebrates the efforts of the people who have brought this exuberant and colorful phenomenon to places unimaginable.

Below you will find videos, websites, and articles about Truck Art. Please share any examples you know of as well.

A Truck Art bus on the streets of London

A tram in Melbourne, Australia

Truck Art in Chicago!

Laari Adda, The Truck Stop Eatery

Mississauga, Canada

Articles on Truck Art:

Colorful ‘Jingle Trucks’ Rule the Road in Pakistan

By Jessica Stewart

Trucks as Art: Pakistan's Colorful Tradition, With a Midwestern Twist

By Nadia Rasul

20 Stunning Photos That Capture The Beauty Of Pakistani Truck Art

By Maria I.

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